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Carol Scott has been the Living Waters / Way of the Master set photographer since 2003. She has also been responsible for make-up on the award-winning television series "The Way of the Master", hosted by Kirk Cameron and author Ray Comfort.

Stuart Scott (Scotty), her husband, assists Carol with her photography and has been associated with Living Waters Publications / The Way of the Master since the year 2000 fulfilling many of their audio/video needs and is currently on staff.

We have a passion for quality photography and enjoy the opportunity to bless others with the ministry God has given us.

"We trust all of you who visit this site will be blessed. We encourage every one of you to ask yourself this most important question: Are you a good person? Click the link to hear Kirk Cameron ask you a few telling questions and find out if you are indeed a good person."

Living in His grace, Carol & Scotty

If you would like to contact us, just add a comment to any of the pictures and we will receive it.

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